Primer in Radical Criminology: Critical Perspectives on Crime, Power, and Identity (Criminal Justice Press Project)


Radical criminology's distinctive, non-mainstream perspectives on environmental crime and justice issues, and on state crime and terrorism, are fully explored in completely new chapters of the Primer in Radical Criminology (4th edition). Now celebrating its 20th anniversary, this college-level textbook has been much praised for insightfully framing the problem of crime within the contexts of social class, race, gender, culture and history.The wide-ranging new chapter on The Environment, Crime and Justice addresses such topics as: environmental pollution as a crime; environmental justice research; global warming and the end of oil; and the potential of a green criminology.The provocative new chapter on State Crime and Terrorism offers analyses of: political crime versus state crime; the absence of state crime in orthodox criminology; war as state crime; state and anti-state terrorism; and genocide, among other topics. In its eleven other extensively updated chapters, the Primer presents radical/critical perspectives on: criminological theory; the causes of crime; conceptions of state and law; policing; courts; punishment and corrections; and many other subjects.